Sexual assault has affected our global society for well over 10,000 years. We allow predators to roam free in broad daylight and refuse to take any action to curtail their behavior. Quite often when a part of our society is in peril we rush to mend them, because it has a detrimental effect on the whole. Sadly, sexual assault, sexual harassment, physical abuse, and neglect against girls and women don’t even get a nod.  A Burlington attorney shared some must-known facts about sexual assault.

Why are sexual assault and the other predatory behaviors toward girls and women allowed to exist in an information rich global society? Listed below are some facts and a possible approach toward solutions to ending sexual assault.

  • One in five women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.
  • Sexual violence is a global pandemic that has “NO” barriers.
  • Sexual violence is a devastating crime where self-esteem, self-worth, trust and confidence are destroyed. Physical and mental health complications arise and can continue throughout the victim’s life.
  • Sexual violence is a travesty against the fundamental and inalienable Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Sexual violence against women reflects fundamental gender inequality and perpetuates it. A culture that doesn’t value a woman’s voice will have trouble respecting a woman’s right to choose who or what she will engage in.
  • Sexual violence is less likely to be reported, to be prosecuted, and to lead to conviction than other crimes. A crime which can’t be successfully prosecuted is, in effect, a “Non-Crime”. Society tacitly condones a “non-crime” as a crime with no punishment.
  • Sexual violence is an act of terrorism intended to create fear, perpetuate women’s vulnerability, and therefore their inferiority

We can end sexual violence through real education about women’s full and equal rights, respectful relationships, and real consequences for criminal behavior.

While laws exist in each state with some variations, laws also exist on the federal level. They are much the same as those shown above. Federal law forbids any sexual contact that is forced on a person or performed on an incapacitated individual. It is the responsibility of everyone to know the laws governing sexual assault and know that failure to abide by them can result in being charged with a crime. You may seek help immediately.

To end this barbaric crime, victims must break their silence to bring these senseless assaults to an end. We have to believe as a society that we will no longer tolerate this behavior. Sexual assault has no place in our families, communities, and nation.